Storytelling and seeing the "bigger picture" have always played an important role in the projects Jackie takes on. She loves exploring culture, fashion, and personal identity through the images she captures. Jackie is passionate about the power of education, the strength of women, and the importance of community.


Jackie Scripps is a mama to two wonderful little people, wife to an incredible and loving husband, and pet to three cats and two dogs. She was born in San Antonio and has spent the majority of her life living in Central Texas (San Antonio, Fredericksburg, San Marcos, and Austin) with some out-of-state jaunts in between. Jackie loves cold brew, traveling, Texas Public Radio, thick novels, needlework, and New Mexico, where her husband hails from and co-owns the chile business Los Roast. Red or green? Jackie prefers “Christmas.”


Jackie earned an MA in International Studies from Texas State University, along with a BA in Anthropology and BA in History. Her primary areas of study were Latin America and international relations, and she spent time studying abroad in Belize, Costa Rica, and France. Jackie’s graduate internship was at DiscoverHope Fund, an Austin-based non-profit helping women in developing countries “create their own prosperity through microcredit, entrepreneurship and training.” Her research assistantship was with the Instructional Technologies Department, where she assisted building online university courses and creating content, primarily for social work classes for Texas State’s MSW program. During this time, Jackie was also a trained volunteer advocate for the Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center.

Growing up, Jackie was always carrying a film camera or camcorder - posing her siblings and friends for impromptu field photo shoots, making stop motion Lego stories and eventually music videos for high school screamo bands. Jackie was a yearbook editor/photographer and newspaper writer/photographer (back when developing in a darkroom was par for the course) at Fredericksburg High School in the Texas Hill Country.

She worked her way through college as account exec and then advertising sales manager at Texas State’s student newspaper, The University Star, where she initially applied for a photography position, but was persuaded to join the incredibly supportive female-led sales team. Later, on the side, Jackie hosted an on-air request block and worked in production at KSTW 89.9. She also acted and PA’d on films in Austin, even co-writing a screenplay for the producers of Elf that made it all the way into Judd Apatow’s hands (but was never produced). She contributed to a graphic novel by Black Francis and Josh Frank, The Good Inn, and also helped manage and operate Frank’s first incarnation of Blue Starlight Mini Urban Drive-In Theater when it lived on E Cesar Chavez. Jackie’s first short film (co-written/directed) was a finalist in Alamo Drafthouse’s Dismember the Alamo film competition.

After graduating college, Jackie designed, edited, and wrote for SKULL, an online art magazine. She has shot and directed video content for Giant Media/Art Walk Austin/Austin Museum of Art, Trey Ratcliff of, Under the Radar Magazine, and others.

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More than anything, Jackie loves and cherishes her family, and hopes to make them (and herself) proud with every project she completes.